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Welcoming our first guest editor!

When QuentinFinch first began to blossom from a seed of an idea into an actual thing, my friend Sophie was one of the first people whose opinion I sought.  She is one of my favorite people to talk to about books — passionate about reading, quick with a witty remark or a smart answer, and she has a keen eye for talent, for what will be “the next big thing.”  So when I was thinking about who to ask to be the very first guest editor on Q, she immediately came to mind.

Sophie and I first met on TwitterMoms in a group devoted to the Twilight series, and I will forever be in her debt for introducing me to Cassandra Clare and The Mortal Instruments trilogy.  (And, if you like Twilight and haven’t read TMI, you must run to the nearest bookstore or Amazon and pick the books up.  You must!  They are that good.)  She loves all things YA, and I trust her book recommendations without question.  We affectionately refer to her as “our book pusher” on Twitter.  And that manuscript she’s working on? I’m looking forward to reading it one day, too.  She’s one of those people who is naturally gifted with words.  (And yes, I am a bit jealous.)

Sophie will be here this week sharing some of her favorite book reviews and articles about reading on QuentinFinch.  You can always find her book recommendations at MundieMoms and at her personal blog All Things Equilateral.  Read a few of her suggestions.  I dare say you’ll find her as smart and as irresistible as the rest of us.



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