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I just returned home from the Mom 2.0 Summit, held in Houston, and I was fortunate to meet so many wonderful people.  I met people whom I’ve worked with for more than a year — people who were little more than a tiny picture on Twitter before Thursday.  I met people whom I never would have met otherwise, and I am the better for it.  And I got the chance to meet two people that I have been dying to meet.  I knew they would be there, and I stalked them a bit, but it was worth it.  The conference organizers pulled together some nice items for us to take home, but these autographs are my favorite piece of “swag” that I took home from the conference.

I had a chance to talk with both Katherine Center and Gretchen Rubin — at least briefly — and I was touched by their friendliness and generosity with their time.  Both are as warm and as intelligent as we imagine them to be when we read their words.  And, in case you haven’t seen it, here is Katherine’s video from the event.  The words have stayed with me.

What you do matters.  What I do matters.  What I write here matters.  The people I meet both online and IRL matter.  I walked away from the conference determined to make the most of this … all of this.  Isn’t that wonderful?



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