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The best part about being a bookworm

The best part about being a bookwork is getting to meet the authors whose books you’ve read and loved.  A signed book is nice, but being able to have a conversation is so much better.  I went to a Supernatural Summer event last night and listened to Aprilynne Pike, Kimberly Derting, Kim Harrison, and Ellen Schreiber talk about being authors, the process of writing and getting a book published, and (my favorite part) reading.  They were charming and smart and unbelievably gracious, considering the big crowd of readers and hopeful writers.  They make me want to read more.

I have no aspirations to write a book of my own, but I do find the process interesting.  And even though these author talks tend to be dominated by publishing and writing questions, I still want to attend.  When I was teaching, I reminded my students that writing is a process.  Reading is a process, too, and I’ve come to appreciate the time and craft that goes into the books that I read as a part of that process.  So when I get a chance to attend a book signing or author talk, I always take it.  I go to listen and learn and hope for the chance at a conversation with a fellow bookworm, no matter how brief.



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