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a tentative map

As I am inclined to do at the end of one year and beginning of another, I’ve been thinking.  Thinking about where I have been as a person, where my family has been, the path that 2010 has taken us on.  It was a roller coaster of a year, but so, so much good came … Continue reading

by the numbers

A look back at 2010: 57 books read, according to my Goodreads recording system (more if you count the chapter books I read aloud to my kids) 10 books given as Christmas gifts Who knows how many books and bookstore gift cards given throughout the year 1 party based on a book 5 books read … Continue reading

Of fairy tales and technology

I love YA novels and I love fairies. I really do. And I’m not talking about Tinkerbell fairies. I mean the wicked kind – the ones who exist to menace humans. So when a friend recommended the Iron Fae series by Julie Kagawa to me, I eagerly read it, assuming it would be perfect for … Continue reading

Seven books I’d love to reread

I’m in Harry Potter mode. (Aren’t we all these days?  At least, if you’re reading this, you probably are.)  And as we’re looking forward to the movie next week, my daughter and I are both itching to re-read the 7th book I’m definitely a rereader.  A movie re-watcher, as well.  Some books don’t generate the … Continue reading

Hope & Harry Potter

I don’t read a lot of uplifting books. I prefer the dark and twisty to the bright and shiny (to borrow from the vernacular of Shonda Rhimes). But there is one book series that, while not shiny, happy in and of itself, did give me a tremendous amount of hope in a time when I … Continue reading

The book you aren’t sure about

I took a chance on a book recently, and I’m glad that I did. I read the author’s first novel, and while I enjoyed it as a whole, there was one section in particular that rubbed me the wrong way.  It wasn’t so bad that I wished I hadn’t read it, but it was bad … Continue reading

Old things made new {and wonderful}

I love these new covers on these Puffin Classics. The sparse graphics, the color blocking at the bottom, the varied and carefully chosen title fonts.  I’d love to have a stack in my office.  Especially the new Alice in Wonderland — the chair, the tea cup, and most of all the leaf creeping out of … Continue reading

Stacks of Books 2

My daughter’s bookshelf, a glimpse into her life. Fond memories captured in these spines – both of reading as a child and of reading to her. Discussions about characters, conversations about plots, a shared love of books.

The City and the (Invisible) City

China Mieville’s The City & The City: slightly spoilery thoughts below… The City & The City wasn’t what I expected.  I was expecting something more supernatural or paranormal — portals between worlds, and all that.  What I got was a smart, layered treatment of two cities that highlights the invisibility existing in our world.  It … Continue reading

Stacks of Books

I love taking photos of books.  They are so much more cooperative than my children.  This is a stack that I picked up from the in-laws over the weekend.  I’ve heard of a couple (Tinkers & Pettigrew, natch), but the rest I’m not too sure about.  They make for a lovely picture, though.  You can’t … Continue reading

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